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Sweden - SK Mat & Människor

A special room ambience needs special floor coverings: Therefore, the parquet floor of the restaurant "SK-Mat och Människor" in Gothenburg, Sweden, was designed in a special herringbone laying pattern. PALLMANN MAGIC OIL 2K ERGO was used for the surface finish. An impressive result, which perfectly underlines the stylish ambience of the location.

Finland - Restaurant Svenska Klubben

The Svenska Klubben restaurant is located in the heart of Helsinki and has an area of 600 m². In 2015, the parquet floor was renovated with PALL MANN products such as PALL -X 333 COLOR A/B, PALL -X EXTREME 2K and PALL -X 96.

France - Hippodrome

In order to meet the high demands of the guests of the horse racing track "Hippodrome" in Pornichet, France, a high-quality parquet floor was installed in the restaurant's own panorama restaurant with the help of PALL-X KITT and PALL-X 98.

Austria - Hotel Schloss Seefeld

The five-star Hotel Schloss Seefeld is located directly on the Austrian Wörthersee, where stars from music, film and sport regularly make guest appearances.
The parquet floor in the bar area was renovated with the PALLMANN X-LIGHT-SYSTEM.

Austria - Naturparkhaus

The solid maple plank parquet in the newly opened Hinterriß Nature Park House was sealed with PALL-X 98 GOLD. This floor not only gives the room a friendly atmosphere, but at the same time informs visitors about interesting details of the Karwendel Mountains.

Belgium - Cultuurcentrum

The cultural centre in Aalst also includes an information office where tourists can get information about the city of Aalst and about the cultural offer. The parquet floor in the information office was renovated with PALLMANN products.

UK - Manchester Grammar School

Manchester Grammar School enjoys a reputation as one of the top secondary schools in the UK. The 500 year old school's motto is "Dare to be wise". The parquet floor in the main hall was coloured with PALLMANN COLOR COLLECTION and sealed with PALL-X EXTREME 2K.

Sweden - Marinmuseum

PALLMANN MAGIC OIL 2K ERGO was used for the renovation of the Marinmuseum in Karlskrona. This solvent-free oil-wax combination fulfils the required properties of an environmentally friendly and heavily used parquet floor.

Germany - Hotel Schloss Steinburg

A heavily used parquet floor was brought back into shape. In the four-star hotel and restaurant "Schloss Steinburg" in Würzburg, 200 sqm of oak parquet were treated with the product MAGIC OIL ERGO from PALLMANN, thus restoring the natural surface.

Czech Republic - Hotel Zámek Valeč

In the course of renovation work, oak parquet was newly laid in the Knights' Hall of the Valeč Castle, stained with the PALLMANN COLOR COLLECTION in the colours Black and Exotic Brown and then sealed with PALLMANN lacquers. Since the renovation, the Zámek Valeč Hotel on the Valeč Castle estate has also become a popular event venue with historic and modern rooms.

UK - Royal Institute of British Architects

In the Royal Institute of British Architects, 272 m² of wooden floor were renovated with MAGIC OIL 2K ERGO. The reference object resembles an oasis of light and space. 

Poland - Hotel Palac Wiechlice

In this hotel with a lot of history in Wiechlice, 150 m² of oak were renovated with MAGIC OIL 2K ORIGINAL. 

Belgium - Elisabethzaal

In the Elisabethzaal in Antwerp, 2800 m² of oak were renovated with PALL-X 325, PALL-X 98 GOLD and MAGIC OIL 2K ORIGINAL. 

Switzerland - Grand Hotel du Lac Vevey

As part of the renovation of the 170 m² parquet floor in the "Salon de Viennoise", in the Grand Hôtel du Lac in Vevey, on the north shore of Lake Geneva, the water-based, heavy-duty sealer PALL-X 98 from PALLMANN was chosen.

Switzerland - Musee de l`aviation militaire

The Military Aircraft Museum in Payerne (Western Switzerland) was extended with a parquet surface of 1900 m². PALL-X EXTREME, a water-based parquet sealer for heavily used parquet floors from PALLMANN was used for this.

Germany - Installation and surface treatment of up to 200 year old antique wood planks in gastronomy

Where halves of beef used to hang, there is now the smell of fresh bread. In Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the old slaughterhouse was converted into a restaurant. The interior design combines industrial elements with a modern design. For this purpose, the company Uffenheimer Parkett & Bodenwelt laid spruce wood up to 200 years old as floorboards in the entire guest room. Elaborate laying and surface treatment work placed the highest demands on the parquet layer and the products he used. PALLMANN used the product MAGIC OIL 2K ERGO for this project.

Netherlands - Renovation of 1800 m² office space

In this office building in Tilburg, a modern design met nature. 1800 m² of beech were renovated with several PALLMANN products. 

France - Château de Pourtalès

The Château de Pourtalès is a special hotel and a venue for seminars, events and weddings in Strasbourg. During renovation work, they came across an old Panneau de Versailles board parquet, which they refined with PALLMANN products.

Belgium - Museum aan de Stroom

At the Musuem aan de Stroom in Antwerp, 8000 m² of American Oak was relaid as exhibition space. The unique architecture is based on 19th century storehouses that are typical for the city.

Savannah Club House, Prosper, Texas [Copy]

PALL-X COLOR and PALL-X GOLD on American Cherry

Flooring Services Showroom, The Colony, Texas

Magic Oil 2K on White Oak / Red Oak

Eileen Fisher, Denver, Colorado


CBRE, Denver, Colorado

Magic Oil 2K on White Oak

Ale House, Denver, Colorado

Magic Oil 2K on Brazilian Cherry

Blue Llama Jazz Club, Ann Arbor, MI