Manchester Grammar School enjoys a reputation as one of the top secondary schools in the UK. The 500 year old school's motto is "Dare to be wise". The parquet floor in the main hall was coloured with PALLMANN COLOR COLLECTION and sealed with PALL-X EXTREME 2K.


Building type Commercial
Area 600 m²
Country UK

Products used

PALL-X 333 C COLOR CONCENTRATE Premium color concentrate

Colored concentrate of liquid oils and pigments for addition as third component in PALL-X 333. The combination of PALL-X 333 and PALL-X 333 C COLOR CONCENTRATE is suitable for priming and simultaneous coloring of many common European woods, especially oak, ash, pine. The surface designed in this way can be reworked with the 2-component wood floor lacquers PALL-X 98 and PALL-X ZERO 2K, as well as with the 2-component wood floor oil MAGIC OIL 2K ORIGINAL.

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