PALLMANN P9 2-component PUR wood floor adhesive

Solvent-free, hard, shear-resistant and fast-setting universal adhesive for all types of wood flooring


2-component polyurethane adhesive, in accordance with DIN EN 14 293. Suitable for all types of wood flooring, especially for moisture sensitive wood types and formats as well as for use on UZIN wood flooring underlays.
Suitable for:

  • mosaic wood flooring
  • stab-wood flooring
  • 10-mm solid wood flooring
  • floorboards and wood planks
  • woodblocks
  • vertical lamella 10 – 23 mm
  • multi-ply/pre-finished wood flooring – difficult to remove from finished surfaces
  • smoked oak – in order not to cause bright joints we recommend UZIN COLOR MK
  • cementitious screeds, calcium sulphate screeds or concrete
  • new, firmly screw-fixed chipboard P4 – P7 or OSB 2 – OSB 4 panels
  • existing ceramic and natural stone coverings, Terrazzo etc.
  • new mastic asphalt screeds
  • precast screeds, gypsum fibre boards
  • levelling compounds suitable for wood floors
  • UZIN insulating and installation underlays suitable for wood floors
  • warm water underfloor heating systems


  • good levelling capacity
  • good ridge formation
  • very good spreadable
  • shrinkage-free even in thick layers
  • fast setting
  • elastically deformable
  • high shear strength
  • can be used directly on mastic asphalt
  • universal wood floor adhesive

Technical data

*At 20 °C and 50 % rel. humidity

plastic container


6,2 + 0,8 kg

Shelf life:

at least 12 months


approx. 800 – 1.200 g/m²

Working climate:

at least 15° C on the floor

Open time:


Pot life:

approx. 45 minutes*

Working time:

approx. 45 minutes*

Ready for sanding:

after appox. 6 hours*

Further coats:

after approx. 12 hours*


after approx. 2 hours*

Final strength:

after appox. 2 - 3 days*

Ordering information

Article Packsize Shipping unit
PALLMANN P9 A/B 7 kg 69953 6,2 + 0,8 kg
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