PALLMANN P104 1-component PUR rapid primer

Rapid primer for creating a barrier to residual moisture of up to 4 CM-% on unheated screeds and 2.5 CM-% on heated cementitious screeds or concrete. As a primer for absorbent and non-absorbent, standard substrates for subsequent installation of wood flooring with 1-component and 2-component reactive resin adhesives or before using bonding agents and self-levelling compounds.


PALLMANN P104 is a ready to use and fast 1-component polyurethane primer without any emollient ingredients. For interior use.
As a barrier primer:

  • on unheated cement screeds or concrete with residual moisture up to 4 CM-% (on heated cement screeds up to 2,5 CM-%) with 2 – 3 layers

As a system primer:

  • prior to installation of wood flooring with PALLMANN reaction resin adhesives

As a strengthening primer:

  • on weak, porous or cracked substrates

As a bonding primer:

  • on dense or open-pored old substrates with adhesive or filler residues (e.g. synthetic resin, neoprene, bitumen, or sulphite blue liquor adhesives)
  • on moisture-sensitive substrates (e.g. chipboard and OSB board, gypsum-based dry screed material)
  • on new mastic asphalt
  • in connection with UZIN PE 280 prior to levelling work with UZIN cement- or calcium sulphate levelling compounds
  • on warm water underfloor heating system
  • for exposure to casting wheels in accordance with DIN EN 12 529
  • for heavy wear in domestic, commercial and industrial locations.


  • fast drying
  • very good penetration
  • easy roller or trowel application
  • barrier to 4 CM-% / 98 % r. H. (KRL) (according TKB-method)

Technical data

*At 20 °C and 50 % rel. humidity

plastic container


6 and 12 kg

Shelf life:

at least 9 months


approx. 80 - 150 g/m² per coat*

Working climate:

at least 15° C on the floor

Curing time:

see chart

Ordering information

Article Packsize Shipping unit
PALLMANN P104 12 kg 59654 12 kg
Pallet :
PALLMANN P104 6 kg 77315 6 kg
Pallet :

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