PALLMANN P25 Levelling compound for wood floors

Self-levelling cement compound for wood flooring. Can be applied in thicknesses of 3 – 20 mm. Suitable for mineral and bituminous subfloors.


Self-levelling cement levelling compound with high-performance plasticiser technology for smoothing and levelling before wood flooring installation. Pumpable, for interior use only.
Suitable for:

  • producing absorbent, high strength surfaces for the installation of wood flooring and laminate flooring, as well as for stress-relieving underlays UZIN Multimoll Vlies, UZIN Multimoll Top 4, UZIN Multimoll Top 9 and 15 and UZIN Multimoll SoftSonic 3 mm
  • cement- and calcium sulphate-screeds, concrete, etc.
  • mastic asphalt (max. 4 mm thickness)
  • special demands on levels in accordance with DIN 18202, Table 3, Row 4, e.g. before wood flooring installation

Suitable as a substrate for all PALLMANN wood flooring adhesives, especially for the use of dispersion wood flooring adhesives. Suitable on warm water underfloor heating systems. For subfloors with dubious structural integrity or strength, see "Important Notes".


  • very good levelling properties
  • good absorbency
  • high tensile and shear strenght
  • very low tension
  • fine surface
  • for layer thicknesses of 3.0 - 20 mm
  • EN 13 813: CT–C30–F6

Technical data

*At 20 °C and 50 % rel. humidity

paper bag


25 kg

Shelf life:

at least 9 months

Water ratio:

5,5 - 6 litres per 25 kg bag


approx. 1,6 kg/m² per mm thickness

Working climate:

at least 15° C on the floor

Pot life:

approx. 30 minutes*


after approx. 2 hours*

Set to covering:

after approx. 24 hours* at 3 mm thickness

Ordering information

Article Packsize Shipping unit
PALLMANN P25 25 kg 66227 25 kg
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