High-quality sample box made of wood for the presentation of the PALLMANN COLOR COLLECTION. The STYLEBOX contains a sample wooden board and a bottle of PALL-X 333 COLOR TESTER for each color. Sample boards and test bottles help with customer advice and provide additional security in color selection.


    For the presentation of the PALLMANN COLOR COLLECTION.


    Scope of delivery: 24x sample boards, presentation plate for sample boards, 25x PALL-X 333 COLOR TESTER


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      PALL-X 333 C COLOR CONCENTRATE Premium color concentrate

      Colored concentrate of liquid oils and pigments for addition as third component in PALL-X 333. The combination of PALL-X 333 and PALL-X 333 C COLOR CONCENTRATE is suitable for priming and simultaneous coloring of many common European woods, especially oak, ash, pine. The surface designed in this way can be reworked with the 2-component wood floor lacquers PALL-X 98 and PALL-X ZERO 2K, as well as with the 2-component wood floor oil MAGIC OIL 2K ORIGINAL.

      PALL-X 333 COLOR TESTER Color sample

      Liquid color samples for all colors of the PALLMANN COLOR COLLECTION. With the practical tester, the color can be applied without much effort on a wood pattern or on a test surface. The PALL-X 333 COLOR TESTER assists with the color selection and additionally gives the assurance that the selected shade in combinationwith the chosen wood gives the desired surface appearance.

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